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It is advised to check the tip is original version before getting Ulthera Lifting safely

Dr. Back Sang Hoon (Photo=offered by DA plastic surgery clinic)​​

​Humans starts to experience aging when they are in middle 20s. In this time, they don’t feel that much they start to feel old, however, the wrinkles due to loss of skin elasticity that they weren’t on their face may be seen in their late 20s to early 30s. However, many people pass this moment because, they thought they are still young and start to care their skin when they are in middle 30s since they start to have fine wrinkles and sometimes around eyes or nasolabial fold wrinkles are made deeply.It can be needed more than using cosmetic product for skin care to 30s and 40s who start to skin aging due to slow skin generation. It is advised to get laser lifting since aging process coming is much more fast than skin generation process​.

Your skin starts to sag as you get older due to loss of skin elasticity. It is often use to improve both which is called ‘Ulthera lifting laser’ since it can make you have double chin or saggy which means your overall face may seem wide. The reason why is that it addresses by controlling step by step that fits each skin layers to improve the fat and wrinkles at once​.

Ulthera laser lifting targets the unnecessary fat layer on double chin area, and addresses by controlling step by step that fits each skin layers to improve and induce to produce collagen to remove fine wrinkles. At this time, the most important thing in this laser is a ‘tip’. There are each different tip such as 1.5mm, 3.0mm, or 4.5mm according to skin thickness. Each different tip should be used with different skin area according to skin condition, otherwise, the skin will be irritated or the procedure will not effective.​

Ulthera tip should be discarded after finish the procedure right away since all ulthera tips are disposable product. If a reused tip is used again, the effect will be appeared less and it is also hard to address the precise shot on face. It should be checked if the tip is an original tip or not. If the dermatologist shows you which tip is going to use before a procedure, you can trust the clinic.​ In addition, when the tip is inserted in the Ulthera device, you can see the amount of shot which means you must check this part to raise stability during a procedure.

Dr. Back Sang Hoon advised that Ulthera laser lifting is very effective on wrinkles and double chin area which is considered as an anti-aging procedure and it is available to start to get a procedure even in middle 60s. However, more important thing is to know what tip they use before procedure.​