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[All you have to know] What are features of the method of double eyelid surgery and precautions?

[All you have to know] What are features of the method of double eyelid surgery and precautions?​

Double eyelid surgery is established as a popular plastic surgery regardless of age and sex. However, most patients want to look dramatic but natural since plastic surgery trend has changed with the times.​ There are 4 representative methods for double eyelid surgery: Non incision, incision, partial incision, natural adhesion eyelid surgery.

*Benefits and precautions of incision double eyelid surgery​*

Incision double eyelid surgery is a method that incises skin on the upper eyelid to remove unnecessary fat and muscle then suture it along the line after creating a line and dr. Lee Jeong Min advised that great caution is needed in double eyelid surgery since the line on the upper eyelid can be thick and unnatural.

*Benefits and precautions of non-incision double eyelid surgery*

The entire healing period for a non-incisional double eyelid surgery is fast since it doesn’t make an incision and the scar is not visible. However, there is a possibility to loosen after few years. Dr. Lee Jeong Min said it has to be
*Benefits and precautions of first eye surgery*

The most natural double eyelid surgery which is not noticeable is a natural adhesion eyelid surgery. This method will make 7 small holes then suture it by using medical threads. Dr. Lee Jeong Min said this method induces natural adhesion between the skin and sub-skin
*Long lasting double eyelid​*

First eye surgery has much more lasting than non-incision double eyelid surgery  surgery. This method can be customized 1:1 for creating shape of double eyelids  that a patient desires which means It is available to change to other shape of double eyelid such as semi-out fold, in-out fold, and out-fold.​ Dr. Lee Jung Min advised that First eye surgery can be the answer for those who don’t want to leave a scar. However, it has to be checked with accurate diagnosis not only a patient’s preference but also the harmonious of face according to each patient’s eyes condition.​ In addition, if it’s going to be your initial surgery, it is recommended to get DA’s exclusive First Eye Surgery which lowers scar and side effect then you’ll get dramatic but natural eye shape. However, you must check the surgeon has many clinical experience and knowledge about natural adhesion eyelid surgery.