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Facial Contouring Surgery: The amount of bone resection is not equal to pretty face shape

Dr. Lee Ho Bin (Photo by DA Plastic Surgery Clinic)

Many people want to improve their facial shape through square jaw Botox, contour injections, and lifting laser. However, this is a temporary effect, and after 6 months to 1 year, it will return to its original face shape. For fundamental improvement, you have to undergo facial contouring surgery which is cutting or shaving the jaw.

Many expect that having facial contouring surgery can make a face as slim as a celebrity. However, even if they are small and slim, they cannot be said to be all pretty faces. Each person has a well-matched face size and shape, surgery should consider based on this.

It’s easy to think that if you organize the contour as close to the nerve line of your jaw and cut the bones, you will be pretty and slim. However, unnecessary bone resection as cheekbone surgery and square jaw surgery can lead to unnatural facial features. Also, the possibility of side effects cannot be completely excluded. In other words, it is not proportional to the amount of bone resection and the pretty face shape. Because bone cutting is not equal to prettiness. It is important to leave the bones pretty, as the bones that remain after the bones are cut become my face shape.

This requires consideration of the overall length and proportion of the face. Surgery plants should be set up more accurately for pretty facial lines, and only necessary surgery should be carried out without unnecessary bone resection to prevent nerve damage as much as possible. After surgery, it is important to leave the necessary bones prettier to prevent side effects and unnaturalness such as drooping cheeks, unnatural jaws, and uneven facial lines…etc.

After the bone is resected, fat, muscles, and soft tissue that covers the bones should be clearly positioned. More focus should be placed on the shape of the square jaw and front chin, and length and ratio, then on forcibly resecting the mandible bone. You can expect a smooth and natural jawline for both side and front. Successful Facial contouring surgeries should see how much bone is left rather than how much is cut.

“The core of the facial contouring surgery is not to unconditionally resect bones that interfere with the facial line, but only to cut unnecessary bones while leaving essential bones. Muscles and fat are regenerated and settled over the remaining bones, so they can be reborn as a prettier face. If the patient’s existing facial features, length and ratio are carefully considered, the patient will be able to enjoy high satisfaction with a natural face shape. “said Lee Ho Bin , board certificated surgeon at DA Plastic Surgery Clinic.