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How to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes and nasolabial folds

Dr. Nam Dong Woo (Photo by DA Plastic Surgery Clinic)​

The first place where signs of aging appear are around the eyes and mouth. The skin is also the thinnest, and the muscle usage in the area is high, as you get older, your eyes droop and nasolabial folds become deep naturally. It is a very common sign of aging that can make an individual look significantly older than they really are.

If you look older than your age, or looks tired or exhausted, you should observe the wrinkles under your eyes and around the mouth. Many people are considering thread lifting or filler to improve sagging lower eyelid and nasolabial folds. This is not a permanent solution, and it should be repeated every year to touch up.

The lower blepharoplasty is performed under sagging eyes and Indian wrinkles, which do not solve the nasolabial folds. At this time, it is recommended to consider ‘Lower Blepharoplasty with fat repositioning’, the ‘DA Absolute Lifting’ that helps improve both lower eyelid and nasolabial lines. Below the eye was the lower blepharoplasty surgery, and the limitation was to perform surgery and procedures, respectively, such as lifting/filler to improve the nasolabial folds. However, the Lower Blepharoplasty at DA Plastic Surgery Clinic helped improving under eye and nasolabial folds with 1 procedure.

This is done by stripping from under the eye to the cheekbone line and then raising the deep SOOF fat layer and surrounding muscles. At a minimum, resection is made along the under-eye line and then 3 fixed points are pinched to pull SOOF fat and high muscle and fix it in the correct position. If the SOOF fat is raised again, the fat and muscle layers will be pulled together at once. Simultaneous correction of muscles and fat also reduced the possibility of recurrence of sagging.

If the ‘DA Absolute lifting’ raises SOOF fat, which causes under-eye sagging and nasolabial folds, it will lift the fat layer, muscle layer, and droopy skin at once. Through simultaneous correction of muscles and fat, the possibility of retraction of sagging has been reduced.

“Aging, which begins in earnest in the late 20s, accelerates over time, resulting in drooping under the eyes and deep nasolabial folds. ‘DA Absolute Lifting’ is a convenient way to perform both lower eyelid surgery and improve the nasolabial folds at once, rather than performing multiple procedures.” said Nam Dong Woo, doctor of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic.